John Wm. Ferkany, Ph.D., M.A.S.

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John Wm. Ferkany, Ph.D., M.A.S.

Knowledge, experience, performance, results

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To my colleagues and friends:

I'm pleased to announce that in March 2013 I assumed the position of Vice President for Development for the Flatley Discovery Lab (FDL) in Charlestown, MA.  The FDL is a privately held, not for profit corporation devoted exclusively to discovering and developing novel therapeutics for cystic fibrosis.  In the capacity of VPD I coordinate the FDL team responsible for guiding candidate small molecules from the laboratory to early phase clinical trials.

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Prior to its acquisition in 2011 Dr. Ferkany was  Vice President for Development at Surface Logix, Inc. in Brighton, Massachusetts a position he assumed in  2007. He joined Surface Logix in 2005 as Vice President of Biology bringing over 20 years of experience from the biotechnology, biopharmaceutical and contract research management industries. Prior to joining Surface Logix, Dr. Ferkany served as Senior Vice President for Virtual Drug Development Incorporated, a privately held biotechnology company engaged in developing therapeutic strategies for biodefense. Dr. Ferkany has also served as Vice President and Chief Technical Officer of NovaScreen BioSciences Corporation, (now a division of Perkin/Elmer) an international contract research organization providing screening, profiling and assay development services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide, and for government agencies including the National Institutes of Health. He also headed his own consulting firm focused on regulatory preclinical drug development. He started his career as head of the Central Nervous Research group at Nova Pharmaceutical Corporation, the first successful biotechnology spin-out from the Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Ferkany has a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Michigan, a doctoral degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Texas at Houston, and a Masters of Administrative Sciences awarded from the Johns Hopkins University Carey School of Business in Baltimore.

Non-professional interests include, a novel internet based charity organization which he founded in 2012.



Due diligence, partnerships, fundraising, acquisitions.


From concept through clinic.


Program management, SAS, IT, Linux.

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Profile & Value Added

An entrepreneurial leader with accomplished credentials in life sciences and business, and over 25 years of progressive growth in biotechnology R&D from start-up to acquisition.
Extensive strategic and operational management experience with emphasis on proactive planning. 
Referent/expert/”by example” leadership style with demonstrated success in highly matrixed entrepreneurial environments.  
Outstanding ability to reduce strategic issues to operational priorities.  
Expert communicator across all levels of an organization.


2000 - Current


2000 - Current



Flatley Discovery Lab, LLC

Senior Vice President Development

  • FDL is a privately owned, not for profit corporation focused exclusively on discovering and developing new small molecule therapeutics for treating cystic fibrosis.

  • The company, which began operations in 2010 has one candidate molecule entering Phase I trials in January 2015 and two additional molecules which are currently in regulatory safety studies.  The latter would enter Phase I trials in Q4 2015.



Surface Logix, Inc.

Vice President, Biology; Vice President, Development

  • Surface Logix was acquired in a biotechnology transaction in 2011.


  • Represented R&D at the Board level and during due diligence meetings.

  • Lead research supporting the selection and advancement of three compounds to clinical trials.

  • Successfully designed and managed over 30 outsourced studies for 3 portfolio assets necessary to support the filing of multiple regulatory documents (domestic and foreign) required for human clinical trials.

  • Designed, managed and accomplished complex multidisciplinary projects from program inception to clinical trials.

  • Responsible for advanced statistical analysis of clinical data reported to regulatory authorities.

  • Established laboratory infrastructure necessary for selected corporate research activities. 



TransMed LLC

Senior Managing Member

  • TransMed LLC was a self-held corporation which provide a venue for private consulting engagements.


  • Developed and implemented regulatory safety plan for novel anti-inflammatory product (privately held for-profit biopharmaceutical).

  • Reviewed and evaluated client research division; implemented recommendations to restructure group to better achieve corporate objectives.

  • Became VP for Biology and lead research discovery efforts multiple therapeutic areas (privately held, for-profit biopharmaceutical).

  • Designed, implemented, and managed pharmacokinetic evaluation of a microbicide-based anti-HIV product for developing nations and third world markets. The compound is now in advanced clinical trials (not-for-profit foundation).

  • Assisted with technical review, due diligence investigation, license negotiation, and business plan development leading to the formation of a not-for-profit pharmaceutical company focusing on malaria and leishmaniasis for third world populations (not-for-profit pharmaceutical).

  • Researched and recommended program to investigate an immune suppressing agent for an orphan status childhood disease (not-for- profit foundation).

  • Assisted with business plan development, due diligence review, and product development plans instrumental to the formation of VDDI Pharmaceuticals (privately held, for-profit biopharmaceutical. 


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